Hi Thai's mission is to cook up and serve the the dynamic flavors of Thai street food using the freshest vegetables, herbs, and authentic seasonings, as well as mixing in a touch of the delicious Hawaiian island style cooking.   We love food, we love cooking, and we have true pride in putting out a great product, a great meal, and sharing our version of street dining with the Island

Chef Sai grew up a few hours south east of Bangkok  Thailand learning her style of Thai cooking from her family, as well as from sampling the endless array of food and flavors that Thailand offers.  Mike and Sai met in Thailand in 2007 while he was traveling in SE Asia.  After falling in love, he would travel back and fourth from Maui to Thailand, and developed a love for the country, and the food as well. in 2012 they decided to get married and relocate to Maui.  Sai has a great pride in Thai food, and prepares some of the most authentic Thai on the island both with technique and just as important the ingredients.   You can taste the difference.   

We offer take out from 11:30 am to 6:30 pm.   You are welcome to call in, or stop by and pick up plates to go, or sit down and enjoy your meal in the shade of the beautiful banyon tree. 

    Come And Get It
11:30 am to 6:30 pm
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Pumpkin Shrimp
Chicken Satay plate